caramel sauce SAFFRON glass jar
SAFFRON - a golden sauce made with delicious saffron. Caramel sauce from Pärlans Konfektyr in Stockholm.

caramel sauce SAFFRON glass jar

Ordinary price120 sek
VAT included

A classy and elegant jar, filled with the best-of-the-best of Pärlans, our delicious caramel sauce. It is the perfect present to bring to a party and should be a staple in your pantry at home. Don’t worry - if you like to stick your spoon straight into the jar from time to time, we won’t tell on you! 

SAFFRAN - en gyllene kolasås kokad med massor av väldoftande saffran.

INGREDIENTS Sugar, cream, glycose syrup, butter, saffron and sea salt. Unopened best within 12 months. 265ml (300g).

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