At Nytorsgatan 38, just on the way down to the park you can glimpse our green awnings from a distance. The airy windows and the beautiful original details of the building are what made us fall in love with the place from the beginning, when we where looking for a spot for both kitchen and shop. In the winter of 2011 we first opened our doors and ever since locals, tourists and curious passersby could feel the sweet scent from the simmering caramel inside. Our shiny red wrapping machine Madame Rose would make people stop in the streets to see the caramels coming down the slide, all wrapped up, one by one. In the shop you can always find a fresh cup of coffee, jazz playing softly in the background, and the shelves filled with treats made by us.

A lot has happened since we started, and when we moved parts of the production to Kräftriket, we realized that we had some space left over in the small kitchen on Södermalm. As usual we had plenty of ideas, and eventually we had a vision that was a bit to good to let go of. Imagine a creamy, vanilla flavoured soft serve ice cream, the best caramel sauce that we know of, and a few other carefully selected toppings. We invested in a soft serve machine from Italy, and began experimenting with recipes and toppings. Today, during the summer months, you can enjoy our own caramel sauce and soft serve. Maybe even the best in town, or what would you say? 

mån - fre 11-18 lör 11-17

Nytorgsgatan 38, 116 40 Stockholm.

08 660 70 10