Imagine every month getting a box filled with carefully selected sweets just for you. Boxes with chocolate covered caramels, some caramel bars for your trips and above all our heavenly caramel sauce you’re gonna want to try in all of our flavours. With our subscription you will get freshly made caramel, caramel bars and caramel sauce straight to your door. The treats will arrive just in time for the weekend and you will have dessert, a Friday snack and the gifts all sorted out in one go.

The content of the subscription varies and you as a customer will get to try new flavours every month, so it wont be the exact same content as previous month. As a subscriber, you will always receive extra samples and treats in your package, this might be new seasonal flavours or specials that the kitchen has cooked up. As a subscriber you get free shipping and your goodies will be sent to you by Postnord Home delivery. You only pay the subscription fee, which is automatically deducted when the package leaves the caramel factory.You can cancel your subscription at any time, but no later than 48 hours before your order is sent. So the only thing you need to think about is exactly how big your craving for caramels are? 
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